Windows 7 Server 2008 R2 PowerShell Printer Management Module

Windows 7 PowerShell Print Module

Windows 7 does not come with native PowerShell printer management cmlets. I didn’t like this so I did a little bit of research and created a module for myself. It’s basically a wrapper that uses other tools and API calls and standardizes them following the Approved Verbs for Windows PowerShell Commands reference and parameter best practices.

I just posted the project to Github. I wanted to make it freely available to anyone on the internet that also needs to manage printers in Widows 7 or Windows Server 2008 r2 using PowerShell automation. Depending on what other people think about it I may continue to develop the module.


The internet

Advertisements are easy, people understand them, it’s obvious where the money comes from, people are used to them and they honestly aren’t that scary. Yeah, they might be a little annoying when you’re trying to browse the web, but they honestly don’t effect you that much. There are even steps you can take to mitigate the annoyance of ads:

What I’m wondering now is what added value has been added to our services for companies? With the news that the NSA has been forcing Verizon, 9 Major ISPS, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and a couple other web giants into handing over OUR information I start to realize that there is a “new value” to our data.

If you’ve been involved in the IT industry over the past couple years you would hear about the “cloud” revolution. This buzz word became so popular I was surprised I didn’t start seeing it on my products at Costco, “Cloud nuts!”, “Cloud vacum!”. (I’m glad that I own my “HD sunglasses”).

Well, with this move to the “cloud” so went our data. I’m sure you live entirely on the internet now. How much data is really on your computer any more? The answer… not very much. Come to thin of it the only data that is actually stored on my computer is in Dropbox… which is a cloud application!

All of my emails – cloud, all of my personal photos – cloud

All of my text messages – cloud

My pirated music collection – cloud

what I like and don’t like – cloud

purchase history and product preference – cloud

“private” documents – cloud

arbitrary data – cloud

media consumption – cloud

Food consumption – cloud

Step data – cloud

video games – cloud

list of personal relationships – cloud.

What are we going to do? What can do we? Should we care?

The seemingly next huge buzz word in the IT industry is big data. What is big data? Wikipedia describes big data as, “Big data[1][2] is a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications.” So it’s basically so much data that common computer science tricks won’t do the job. Where would one get such amounts of big data? Well, from being the NSA and stealing from corporations of course!

The next component of this current news outbreak that I’m concerned about is encryption. With the announcement that the government has been using a quantum network for the past 2 years I start to wonder if our current encryption is even worth anything?

Ice Cream

Do you know how bad ice cream is for you? I know you do. But do you REALLY know how bad it is for you? Well, it’s at least that bad for me. Especially when my goal is to maintain nutritional ketosis.


Well that’s why there’s an empty carton of Tillamook PeanutButter and Chocolate ice cream next to me by my computer. Because it’s so damn horrible for me. Wth? Why do you do things that are against what you want? Why is there two forces inside of you? How do they both exist?

I’m a real person

I’ve started blogs before, but, I never had anything to write. I think part of that is because I am an ENFP and I hadn’t fully developed my logical processing units to digitally, quantifyably share my thoughts. I think about a lot of things, a lot of the time. I am a geek, health nut, sys admin, automation lover, process creater, home schooled Norwegian.

I want to share my thoughts. I want to share me.