Ice Cream

Do you know how bad ice cream is for you? I know you do. But do you REALLY know how bad it is for you? Well, it’s at least that bad for me. Especially when my goal is to maintain nutritional ketosis.


Well that’s why there’s an empty carton of Tillamook PeanutButter and Chocolate ice cream next to me by my computer. Because it’s so damn horrible for me. Wth? Why do you do things that are against what you want? Why is there two forces inside of you? How do they both exist?


I’m a real person

I’ve started blogs before, but, I never had anything to write. I think part of that is because I am an ENFP and I hadn’t fully developed my logical processing units to digitally, quantifyably share my thoughts. I think about a lot of things, a lot of the time. I am a geek, health nut, sys admin, automation lover, process creater, home schooled Norwegian.

I want to share my thoughts. I want to share me.